Mino Monsters 2 Tips and Tricks (Get best monsters)

Mino monsters 2 game

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is as you probably know, one of the latest mobile games, which collected quite a large group of players when released on the App Store or Google Play. The game uses mechanics known to us from a variety of similar games about Pokémon. We collect all kinds of monsters (called Minos), train them gain new levels, we make that evolve and move with them to fight in both campaign and PvP – of course there are several other interesting modes.

How to improve monsters (evolve) in Mino Monsters 2?

Today I'll show you how to improve and evolve your Minos. Improvement and evolution in this case are two basic steps by which you can get much better monsters than at the beginning.


When you gain higher levels then you are upgrading your monsters, but it will cost us a lot, so we need for this large amount of coins. Of course, improve monster (leveled) you can do, until you have unnecessary coins, during this process Minos gains extra points for standard attributes – in a word, increase its attack, defense, or life.

Grind for bigger profits

Grinding is nothing but a process of repetition of previous steps in the game levels. This is a good option if you still are not too strong to go ahead and you need coins for further improvements. Once you collect enough of them, you can leveled Minos, but each level requires a larger amount of coins.

Firstly get 25 levels

Each of Mino can evolve twice. The first process of the evolution you carry out when Mino reached 25th level, but first you have to feed it appropriate blueberries. The whole process repeat when Minos reaches level 50.

Search for suitable berries

To evolution need special berries, which correspond to the monster. You can click on the picture of the berries to check in which places it can be break or from which the crates and on what the island dislodged. But what if you still can not find the appropriate delicacies and evolution stands in place? There is a method, but this below.

Fight in PvP and participate in events

Surely you will want to take part in the fighting in the arena and you can hit the event, to which you join. What's more, both modes of play about which I write can be a source of desirable berries.

Buy diamonds or chests

The last way, though not the only, as you now know, is purchase the gems, for which you can buy chests in which you can find amazing (after evolutions) Minos.

How to get rare and legendary monsters in Mino Monsters 2: Evolution?

During the game, you should not have any problems with unlocking the usual monsters, but if you want to acquire these rare and epic beasts or Guardian Minos – it will not be easy. Therefore, below I will present to you a few ways to acquiring them, but trust me, there is no easy solutions.

Search for rare Minos on the islands

The easiest way to find rare specimens is to search them on the islands. However, it is not quite so easy, you have to lure them better treats. Despite everything rare monsters fairly straight up acquire compared to those from already high-end.

Collect Minos from chests

Chests can be purchased at the game store and give us a guaranteed chance of a rare monster, or even something higher – but I know from experience that dislodged of them only rare, never anything better from the box is not pulled. However, you can always buy Dragon Chest, which does not include Minos, but it gives us a lot of useful items – check it out.

Just buy them

Some Minos are only available in the game store and you have to pay using real cash. Moreover, Crystal Island is also sold there.